Service Description

Was your pregnancy, birth experience or your postpartum period complex and traumatic?

Have you been left with challenging emotions?

After a traumatic experience it can be incredibly difficult to return to normal life. People can experience overwhelming anger, frustration, sadness and loneliness. Some people share stories of suffering nightmares, sleep deprivation, frightening and irrational thoughts and flashbacks.

Are experiencing issues breastfeeding your baby, bonding with your baby? Or perhaps other important relationships are being affected.

In many cases parents and birth partners manage to move on past these feelings naturally as they assimilate the shock and move on with their lives as a family. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and the anxiety, recurrent thoughts, hyper vigilance and other symptoms remain.

If eight to twelve weeks on, after the event, you or your partner are still experiencing some of the symptoms of birth trauma / PTSD then you may benefit from seeking treatment.

If you wish to find out more about 3 Step Rewind Birth Trauma Therapy please make contact with me for a free first contact, no obligation chat. We can talk through the process and you can decide whether the therapy (and I as a practitioner) are right for you.

What is included:

  • A free first contact no obligation chat of approximately 30 mins.

If you wish to continue:

  • First session: approximately 1.5/2 hours including a debrief if appropriate, followed by an exploration of how your symptoms are affecting your everyday life – how different life will be when you are no longer affected by those symptoms and finally a relaxation session.
  • Second session: approximately 1.5 hours including further discussion / exploration focused on positive changes that are taking place, then a relaxation session including the 3 step rewind.
  • Third session: approximately 1 hour assessment of how things have improved and a second rewind if required.

The cost for this transformational service is £250(€285).

Installments and payment plans accepted, please contact me to inquire. 

*** TBR 3 Step Rewind is for perinatal trauma and is an effective and gentle treatment for those who previously were enjoying good emotional health. For people with a history of more complex mental health issues, It is likely that I will be able to work with you, but I may signpost you for an assessment with a mental health professional.***

I am able to provide in person Birth Trauma Recovery within an approximate 40 minute travel radius of Roche, Cornwall. 

Online support can be undertaken with clients in any location, I am currently working with clients in the UK and Scotland, in various cities in Spain – such as Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante. I have undertaken work with clients in Australia, we just need to be flexible with timing. Don’t let physical distance put you off...